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An eclectic collection of recent video features extolling the world of The Asian Executive

Melanie Perkins

CNBC: Melanie Perkins founded a unicorn by 30.

CNBC Make It Interview Melanie Perkins’ $3.2 billion design platform, Canva, is one of the world’s most valuable female-led start-ups. CNBC Make It’s Karen Gilchrist met with the 32-year-old Australian entrepreneur in…

Antony Page

Antony Page, General Manager Ritz-Carlton Melbourne

A video introduction of Ritz-Carlton Melbourne by GM Antony Page.   The hotel officially opened on 23 March to be a distinctive golden addition to Melbourne’s skyline, offering breathtaking panoramic views across…


Versace Winter Collection 2023

  Versace Winter Collection Runway, Los Angeles The joint Women’s and Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 collection, debuted on the runway in Los Angeles. Soundtrack: @frederic_sanchez Music: @thomasrousselcomposer / Prequell ‘Part XV’ @studiofredericsanchez /…

Airtasker Tim Fung

Tim Fung: How I started Airtasker

Tim Fung, Founder of Airtasker “A year in, burning lots of money…every day was hard.” — Tim Fung If you’ve never heard of Airtasker, you’re a step behind in the business world.…


CNBC: Australia’s youngest self-made billionaire

Nick Molnar, Australia’s Youngest Billionaire 30-year-old Australian entrepreneur Nick Molnar is credited with reinventing the spending habits of millions of millennials with his “buy now, pay later” payment platform. CNBC Make It’s…

Ronny Chieng, “Why Chinese Love Money!”

Malaysian Comedian & Actor Ronny Chieng Ronny Chieng explains why Chinese parents want their kids to become doctors and how the Chinese New Year is all about getting rich! Achingly satirical view…

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