Golden Age Group transforms Glen Waverley with Floret and Sky Garden

On 3 June, the highly anticipated Floret residential townhome project by Golden Age Group was officially launched to market on-site in Glen Waverley in collaboration with renowned Australian architectural firm Rothelowman and design practice Aspect Studios. Golden Age Group has established a reputation for delivering exceptional residential projects and bringing innovation to Melbourne.

This townhome development marks Golden Age Group’s second project in Glen Waverley, following the successful Sky Garden, a luxury apartment development on top of The Glen Shopping Centre.

Golden Age Group’s project addresses the demand for modern townhome living in Glen Waverley. This endeavour contributes to the area’s growth and transformation and provides a premium living experience for future residents.

Single-family homes dominate the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley, where there has been limited stock of new and desirable townhouses, especially those that offer exceptional architectural design like those of Floret. Golden Age Group recognises the potential of this highly urbanised suburb and aims to cater to downsizers, young professionals, and families who are looking for both convenience and lifestyle.

Floret offers a unique, well-priced product not typically available in Glen Waverley, making it an exciting and pioneering endeavour.

With a focus on quality construction and enhancing the quality of life, Golden Age Group has successfully shaped communities that foster a sense of connection and place. Their collaboration with industry-leading experts in architecture, design, construction, and placemaking has redefined the Australian home, incorporating superior design, lifestyle, and community elements that create not just houses but homes.

Rothelowman, an award-winning architectural firm established in 1991, has been at the forefront of design-led placemaking, crafting innovative design solutions with a strong emphasis on people and communities. Their designs have played a significant role in shaping Australia’s commercial and residential landscapes for future generations.

Aspect Studios, an international design practice with a global team of experts, brings a holistic approach to each project, considering the social, cultural, economic, historical, and ecological context. With their integrated approach, Aspect Studios possesses the skills and resources to create globally defining design projects.

Floret features 77 architecturally designed townhouses near Brandon Park Shopping Centre and The Glen Shopping Centre. Golden Age Group aims to fill a significant demand for townhome living in the thriving suburb of Glen Waverley. With a mix of three and four-storey townhouses, this project will provide a much-needed housing solution within the area.

In addition to the townhomes, Golden Age Group will create an over 1,000 sqm park within the development, complete with a barbecue and picnic area, and a children’s play area. This green space will provide residents with relaxation, recreation, and community interaction opportunities.


Revolutionizing Australian Urban Living:

A Conversation with Shane Rothe

Interview conducted by The Asian Executive

In an exclusive interview with The Asian Executive, Shane Rothe, the veteran founding director of Rothelowman, shares his vision behind Floret. This architectural urban masterpiece redefines the essence of modern Australian living. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Rothe and his dedicated team have diligently worked towards creating a residential community that is a testament to resilience and innovation. With pride and passion, he delves into the intricacies of the project, revealing how Floret is poised to transform the way Australians experience the concept of “home.”

The conversation begins with Rothe recounting the moment when his design team received the mandate to create a new residential community to revolutionize the Australian way of living. “It was truly an extraordinary day for our design team,” Rothe reflects. “Amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, we were entrusted with the opportunity to craft something truly remarkable.” Over the past two years, his team has dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to bringing the Floret project to life, meticulously designing the architecture and interior spaces that now grace the stunning display suite.

Collaborating closely with Golden Age Group on several past ventures, Rothe firmly believes that Floret will inspire the transformation of the modern Australian lifestyle. As he takes us on a visual journey through the project where he pays homage to a famous quote from US writer and designer, Annie Danielson who famously said,  “Home is where your story begins.”

Indeed, within each abode in the Floret project, careful attention has been given to every nook and cranny. Rothe describes the intricate details that have been thoughtfully considered, resulting in an awe-inspiring display of design excellence.

The master planning aspect takes centre stage, as Rothe highlights the importance of strategically locating and orientating the homes to capture the morning light and the cosy warmth of the afternoon sun. The central park, a visionary centrepiece, acts as an extension of the homes, fostering a private and connected community—a sanctuary within the Floret realm. “This park,” Rothe enthuses, “imbues the project with a strong sense of community, encouraging social interactions among people of all ages.” With children’s playgrounds and private green spaces interwoven throughout the neighbourhood, Floret offers abundant outdoor choices for residents to revel in. Over 35% of the site is dedicated to expansive garden spaces, even preserving the majestic gum trees, blending nature’s grandeur with modernity.

Rothe then delves into the design philosophy that underpins Floret’s homes—creating spaces that adapt and evolve alongside the multi-generational dynamics of families. “Flexibility is key,” Rothe emphasizes, “and we have incorporated versatile spaces that can be customized to suit various stages of life.” Dual ground floor entrances, for instance, open up a world of possibilities—transforming a space into a home office, a private studio, or an independent haven for children. As families grow and change, so too does the home, gracefully accommodating the ever-evolving needs of its inhabitants.

The conversation takes a turn towards the realm of contemporary lifestyles and the profound impact of the pandemic. Rothe explains how Floret’s design has adeptly responded to these shifts, embracing innovative features that resonate with the newfound appreciation for working and entertaining from home. Intimate getaway spaces, invigorating study nooks, and beautiful biophilic garden areas have become integral elements of homes. “These spaces,” Rothe asserts, “both within the interiors and the surrounding gardens, will soon become commonplace in all homes.” Floret represents a harmonious blend of timeless architecture and modern living, with meticulously chosen high-quality building materials that age gracefully, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring long-term cost savings.

Rothe generously acknowledges the contribution of his interior design team, who approached Floret with a steadfast commitment to delivering bespoke quality and affordable luxury. Each home’s interiors exude sophistication, offering residents a choice between Parisian elegance and a refined Australian aesthetic. This personalized touch fosters a sense of individuality, creating a space that truly feels like home—a rare luxury that Floret effortlessly provides.

Sustainability takes centre stage as Rothe proudly discusses Floret’s commitment to environmental best practices. “We have incorporated initiatives that minimize energy usage, maximize rainwater capture and reuse, and deliver low water and energy consumption fittings throughout the building,” he reveals. With a minimum 6.5-star rating for each home, Floret’s commitment to sustainability sets a new benchmark within the industry—a testament to its dedication to creating a greener future.

As the interview draws close, Rothe concludes with a poignant thought: “Four walls and a roof over your head isn’t the only way we define the word ‘home.’ Home is where love resides, emotions flourish, and life truly happens.” With unwavering confidence, he assures us that Floret will embody this profound sentiment, captivating the hearts of its residents. As we bid farewell to this enlightening conversation, it is abundantly clear that Floret is set to transcend boundaries, forever altering the landscape of Australian living.

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