ICD Property: Getting deliveries to residents the smart way

ICD Property: A major deal done delivery app EASI will make food deliveries to “Aspire” residents simple and convenient.

Residents of Melbourne’s  ‘super tower’ Aspire Melbourne are provided with resident-only perks for on-demand meal delivery following ICD Property’s  innovative partnership deal with leading Asian food delivery app EASI as the project’s preferred delivery partner.

ICD Property
Aspire Melbourne


Soaring 65-stories high, Aspire Melbourne is unlike anything the city has seen, with an impressive 20 state-of-the-art amenities on offer.

ranging from multiple private dining rooms, a whiskey parlour, champagne conservatory through to two bookable ballrooms.

Whether it be hosting a dinner party or relaxing at home, residents will be provided with a variety of perks from EASI including discounts, free delivery and vouchers to use, connecting them with thousands of restaurants surrounding the CBD.

Situated opposite Flagstaff Gardens and designed by award-winning architect Elenberg Fraser, the $440 million Aspire Melbourne features 594 luxury apartments and ground-floor retail space. It was touted as the fastest-selling project in Australia in 2019, with over 300 apartments sold during the pre-launch campaign.

ICD Property Managing Director Matthew Khoo said the partnership between Aspire and EASI is the result of ICD Property wanting to offer residents a new level of convenience while enjoying the highest level of comfort.

“Aspire has taken its offering to another level, offering four times the standard inclusion of amenities on-site; the partnership allows us to complete the experience,” he said. “It also highlights just how central the building is, with thousands of restaurants and cafes available to order through the app.”

Residents will also be able to order desserts, drinks, fresh food, groceries and even flowers via the EASI app, getting everything delivered straight to their door.

Hickory will be responsible for bringing to life Elenberg Fraser’s vision for the site including six floors within the building dedicated solely to shared luxury amenities for residents including a games room, ballroom, wellness precinct featuring a pool, gym, sauna, outdoor PT area, plus an outdoor hot tub, champagne conservatory, whiskey parlour, library, co-working space, and more.

The Asian Executive interviews Matthew Khoo, Managing Director, ICD Property

ICD Property
The Asian Executive interviews Matthew Khoo, MD of ICD Property

TAE:  What is the reason to strike a deal with one particular system as opposed to other publicly available modes of food service and delivery for high-density apartment residents?

MK:  Having one preferred food delivery service to Aspire means we are able to partner together to create mutually beneficial wins. For our residents, they’re offered regular discounts, promo codes, and a limit to the number of strangers entering and exiting their residential building by centralising orders through one service rather than having say five or six different services accessing the building at any one time. The benefits for EASI are plentiful too, being able to directly market to all 594 apartments in our building, secure their preference as a goto food service, and expanding the reach of their platform.

TAE:  How did you go about determining that EASI’s food and service standard would meet with the demands of city residents?

MK:  EASI has built a great track record as a reliable, diverse, and convenient food delivery service since their launch in 2014. With over 20,000+ restaurant partners, we knew our Aspire residents would be spoilt for choice of what to eat. Another consideration was also recognising the demand for Aspire residences from the local and international Asian market. As you’d know,
EASI is one of the only food delivery services that specifically caters to the Asian market with a full Chinese translation of the app. Therefore it made sense to us to be strategic in who we partnered with and ensure it would be a brand that our residents know, love, trust, and would be able to easily navigate.

TAE:  Does this substitute from the need for residents to seek dining opportunities at street level around Melbourne?

MK:  I definitely don’t think so. If anything, we’re aiming to provide additional options and convenience for purchasers, rather than take anything away. Some nights you have to work late or study for an exam, you don’t have time to go out and enjoy Melbourne’s great hospitality and dining scene. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip dinner altogether! ICD Property hopes that by partnering with EASI we are complementing the lifestyle choices of residents to occasionally have a quiet
night in. The need for quality food at home doesn’t in my opinion replace the need or enjoyment of going out to eat on a street level. Which our residents also have the great experience of doing being situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD!

TAE:  Do you believe the variety of the offering is enough or that it will be expanded as time goes on?

MK:  As I mentioned before, currently EASI has over 20,000 restaurant partners and this number only continues to grow if anything! Especially given the current climate we’re in of working-from-home and staying indoors as much as possible. Even post-COVID-19 when things return to normal and we are able to go out again, food delivery services have become increasingly popular with restaurants as an additional method of generating revenue and marketing their brand. I expect in the future EASI will only grow and offer more food variety as time goes on.

TAE:  What quality control measures are in place to ensure residents are completely happy with the service and offering?

MK:  ICD Property did a thorough vetting system prior to choosing a final delivery service to partner with. We believe with EASI’s track record and customer service team, our Aspire residents will be very satisfied with their service and offering. However, of course sometimes anomalies occur and in those instances, EASI provides in-app feedback and customer assistance for unsatisfied customers to voice their opinions.

For more information, please visit: https://aspiremelbourne.com.au/

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