Connecting Asia and Australia: Top 10 Corporate Events for 2022 / 2023

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Top Corporate Events: Are you looking to expand your reach to your neighbours in Asia?

We live in an ever-globalizing world, so it makes sense to take advantage of that to collaborate. Australia is chock-full of corporate events where meaningful cross-regional cooperation can happen. In particular, the Asia-Pacific region, a vital economic partner with Australia, benefits.

The sky’s the limit, from industries as far apart as mining and security to food and eCommerce retail. Innovative approaches and technologies in Australia can have severe impacts outside the country. Fostering stronger cross-regional business relationships with Asia-Pacific is crucial for this.

From networking to finding buyers and providers, Australia is the place to be for the region. Read on for the top 10 corporate events of the 2022/2023 season in Australia.

1. AIMEX 2023 (September 5 – 7)

If there’s one industry that Australia has been excelling in, it’s mining. AIMEX is the place to be in the region for the latest in mining tech, equipment, services, and techniques. It’s a B2B event that leads buyers to direct business with suppliers.

As far as business events go, AIMEX is also a fantastic showcase of new ideas from which the whole industry can learn. Key speakers and new technologies are always up to bat, allowing Australia to flex its might in this arena.

AIMEX is the perfect event for Asia-Pacific. Mining is a profitable industry in the region and globally. Partnering with Australian companies and fostering mutual growth is a no-brainer.

Australia sits poised to continue its dominance in this arena. Because of this, building these relationships can only get better. AMIEX 2023 will take place from September 5-7 at the Sydney Showground.

2. CeMAT Australia 2023 (July 25-27)

Events in Asia can have significant impacts on the Australian economy. This is a fact of global supply chains and logistics, which creates plenty of challenges.

Among corporate events in Australia, CeMAT is the place to be for supply chain and logistics. It’s pitched right at connecting Australian tech providers with Asia-Pacific’s logistics heavyweights. CeMAT is a great way to foster new relationships and drive innovation in any industry.

From intralogistics to solutions in warehousing, the event is jam-packed. The previous one, in particular, hit hard with robotics and automation solutions. CeMAT excels in bringing together all those in the material handling business.

The event attracts thousands of people and only gets better every year. The list of Asia-Pacific partners and exhibitors is already strong and set to grow. The 2023 edition takes place from July 25-27 at The Dome in Sydney Olympic Park.

3. Sydney Build Expo 2023 (March 6-7)

Sydney Build Expo is the best event for all things construction, infrastructure, and architecture. With almost 17,500 participants in 2022, it’s the largest trade show for its industry in Australia. It’s a B2B event that fosters networking, innovation, and general industry growth.

Sydney Build Expo regularly has over 500 exhibitors and hundreds of industry speakers. It’s been going on for over 7 years at this point and still going strong. The event attracts attendees and companies from all over the region.

Sydney Build Expo also always draws an international pool of attendees. Any company in Asia-Pacific related to the construction field can benefit from attending. With Asian investment in Australian construction & real estate growing fast, there’s no better time to jump in.

Sydney Build Expo 2023 takes place from March 6-7 at the ICC Sydney and is free to attend.

4. ASIAL Security Conference 2022 (August 17-19)

The ASIAL Security Conference has an enormous 35 years of excellence behind it. In a business space that is largely digital, new security threats are always emerging. This conference aims to address those rising security threats.

More than that, it helps foster innovative solutions to those threats. Cybercrime and data breaches, in particular, can affect all businesses. This includes Australia to the wider Asia-Pacific.

This year’s event will spend time focusing on the threats of botnets and takedowns. Innovations in AI and other solutions are also sure to make an appearance. Any industry, regardless of type, can benefit from attending.

The ASIAL Security Conference is a great way of not only learning more. It’s a great place for networking, building security relationships, and finding new partners. The conference takes place from August 17-19 at the ICC Sydney.

If you end up missing it this year, it usually runs every year around the same point in Australia’s Winter season.

5. AUSRAIL 2022 (December 5-7)

AUSRail is the national conference of the Australasian Railway Association. That said, it has much wider implications for the whole region. It features several heavyweight international speakers in the industry, fostering innovation and relationships.

As a conference, it’s also a great place to network and meet potential partners. You can learn from leading figures in the railway industry. These lessons could apply across Asia-Pacific, and cross-collaboration is always there.

Questions of customer experience, as well as the use of rail for the transport of people and goods, are key. AUSRAIL is the conference where those problems get talked about and solutions demonstrated.

This year, after a tumultuous two-year pandemic, the event will take place from December 5-7. It will be at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in the city of Brisbane itself.

6. International Sourcing Expo Australia 2022 (November 15-17)

This is one of the most looked-forward-to trade shows in Oceania. The International Sourcing Expo Australia provides unparalleled opportunities for collaboration. Corporations from around the globe attend, with Asia-Pacific leading the way.

What this expo provides is an opportunity to connect and network with the best suppliers. Whether you sell clothing, accessories, or a range of other products, this event is a must. It’s a B2B event with panels and plenty of opportunities for idea sharing.

Companies looking to forge new supplier or logistical relationships benefit very much. It takes place from November 15-17 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

7. AIME 2023 (February 13-15)

The Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) is a yearly heavyweight. Many corporations consider it THE place to collaborate and share ideas. As far as business conferences go, AIME is special.

It has a fun atmosphere that emphasizes networking and building lasting business relationships. The event even sets up appointments using an advanced AI system to match potential buyers with exhibitors.

Every year AIME attracts thousands of participants from all types of industries. It focuses on fostering relationships in the Oceanic and Asia-Pacific region. It will be taking place from February 13-15 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

8. Foodservice Australia 2022 (October 23-25)

Australia is home to corporate events in every industry, and food is no different. Foodservice Australia is a hub for those interested in the food & hospitality industry. It’s a place for collaboration, learning, and innovation cross-regionally.

Every year over 450 exhibitors come to flex the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. 1000s of participants flock to Sydney to see what they can learn and apply in their own businesses. These range from local restaurants to large food businesses looking for innovation.

With how interconnected the region has become, Asia-Pacific can meaningfully contribute. Innovation in food prep, storage, and delivery are especially good avenues. The event runs from October 23-25 in the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

9. All-Energy Australia 2022 (October 26-27

All-Energy Australia is the country’s largest showcase of clean, green, and renewable energy. Although it first ran with a national framework in mind, the scope is expanding. If the pandemic has taught us anything, we’re stronger together.

Green alternatives and renewables are looking more like the future than ever before. The time is now for Asia-Pacific to cooperate on innovative solutions in the energy sector. All of Australia’s most innovative solutions, tech, and ideas in that field will be on display.

All Energy Australia is a great conference for fostering new relationships in energy tech for the future. It takes place from October 26-27 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

10. Retail Fest 2023 (March 28-31)

The world of retail is transforming and has been for some time. Now eCommerce is the name of the game, with an array of new and innovative applications marking some out from the pack. Retail Fest promises to be one of the most innovative retail conferences in the region.

With Asia-Pacific being Australia’s largest trading partner, the time is ripe for collaboration. There’s much to learn from a cross-regional exchange of retail and eCommerce strategies. Retail Fest 2023 will take place from March 28-31 at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, QLD.

The Best Corporate Events for Growing Asia-Pacific and Australian Relationships

The economic relationship between Australia and Asia-Pacific is crucial in the modern day. This is a reality that’s only set to grow, so taking advantage of it is a good idea. Plenty of corporate events and conferences in Australia provide opportunities to foster this.

When following these trends of Asia-Pacific relationships with Australia, you need a source. The Asian Executive is your one-stop shop for news on Asia-Pacific and Australia. If you’d like to find out more, don’t be afraid to contact us today.

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