Victoria’s Housing Statement: Cabinet Re-Shuffle to Spur Implementation of New Housing

In a state government cabinet reshuffle planned to accelerate more housing for Victoria, the recently announced Victoria’s Housing Statement has re-emerged as a critical priority of a strategic plan to address the burgeoning demand for housing in the region.

As the state government, led by new Premier Jacinta Allan, takes the reins, the imperative to expedite the construction of 800,000 homes over the next decade has taken centre stage, casting a renewed spotlight on Victoria’s commitment to an ambitious housing agenda.

Underpinning this initiative are revolutionary planning reforms that promise a streamlined approach for significant projects, emphasising residential developments exceeding $50 million in construction costs. Large-scale developers stand to benefit from a state-led priority process, especially when aligning their projects with affordable housing contributions in exchange for augmented building heights—an unprecedented opportunity for those strategically positioned in activity centre locations.

Tim Pallas

In the corridors of state power, a reshaped cabinet, blending seasoned hands with new faces, underscores the government’s resolute dedication to executing the Victoria Housing Statement. Tim Pallas, the incumbent Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations assumes an augmented role as Minister for Economic Growth, reflecting a commitment to propelling productivity and fostering a prosperous future for Victorians.


Sonya Kilkenny, the Minister for Planning, extended her influence to become the Minister for the Suburbs, steering a comprehensive package of planning reforms. This transformative agenda is poised to unclog the backlog of approvals, accelerate decision-making processes, and chart the trajectory of suburban growth.


Meanwhile, Harriet Shing, appointed Minister for Housing, spearheads the groundbreaking Big Housing Build initiative, a visionary endeavour to redefine urban living through Australia’s largest urban renewal project.



Colin Brooks, entrusted with a pivotal role in the Housing Statement’s implementation, assumes the mantle of Minister for Development Victoria and Minister for Precincts. His mandate encompasses ensuring that Victorians have access to high-quality homes and inhabit thriving precincts close to their workplaces. He is also appointed Minister for Creative Industries in a strategic dual role, underscoring the commitment to maintaining Melbourne’s status as Australia’s cultural capital.

Under Victoria’s Housing Statement, the construction of 800,000 homes in Victoria over the next decade is a paramount priority. In the unfolding discourse over Victoria’s chronic housing shortage, the Victoria Housing Statement emerges as a highly-touted mandate, poised to redefine suburbs and will come to define the success or abject failure of this government now in its third term.

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