Our Purpose

At the heart of our editorial policy is our belief that there is enormous good to be had with regards to Australia’s engagement with its Asian neighbours. Some of the best case studies can be found within our own Australia’s property industry in which quality development projects come to life through Asian investment coupled with the creative flair and sure experience of local Australian designers and project teams. The journey starts with the Asian client with an aspirational vision that goes beyond the bottom line and a committed and passionate Australian project team that delivers on that vision. It has been a joy for The Asian Executive to explore this theme across Melbourne and Sydney in our current edition.

The Asian Executive has played a role in bringing together executives for a decade through countless boardroom meetings, seminars and glamorous events. Our forward-thinking editorial policy augments our credentials as a bridge between cultures and nations. We relish the challenges of the next decade as new technology now at our disposal makes the leap of imagination to bigger audiences all the more achievable.