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The Asian Executive is Australia’s most prestigious Asian magazine.

Launched at the beginning of 2006 by the then Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Dr John So AO, to great fanfare at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, our magazine remains the pre-eminent face of Australia’s international Asian business sector.

Since then, the media landscape has shifted dramatically, and with it, the change in dynamics between Australia’s relationship with its Asian neighbours.

The core aspect of Australia’s relationship with Asia is the underlying mutual respect that Asian business leaders share with their Australian counterparts. The healthy intellectual curiosity of each other’s political, social and economic settings is evident with each boardroom meeting or informal encounter.

For The Asian Executive, it has been a humbling experience to be a purveyor of a world that affects international capital movement into and out of Australia.

With the ebb and flow of one global disaster one after another, whether it be the clear and present danger of the COVID pandemic (with its variants) or the Global Financial Crisis of over a decade ago, somehow the world marches on, and there is regeneration.

It is an inescapable geographic miracle that Australia is a part of the world’s fastest-growing region, of which it has been the undoubted economic beneficiary.

The editorial position of The Asian Executive is that the long game for Australia should be to continue its upward course of integration into an economic world order where Asia is a key player.