About the People Behind The Asian Executive

Grace Lim – Director of Marketing

Grace LimGrace is one of the co-founders of The Asian Executive magazine.

Her background includes a former flight attendant with Singapore Airlines, graduate trainee of KFC Malaysia and in charge of Japanese protocol with the Japanese Consulate in Australia. 

Her principal role with the magazine includes, developing and implementing an overall plan to promote and increase awareness of the magazine, identifying and researching potential readership demographics and determining the best methods to reach them, supervising the creation and distribution of promotional materials and advertising, leading and directing the magazine’s marketing team to achieve goals, working with the editorial team to produce content that supports the magazine’s marketing strategy. building and maintaining connections with essential partners such as advertisers, sponsors, and media partners and managing and updating the magazine’s digital marketing efforts and campaigns.


      1. Fluent (business reading and writing) in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese
      2. Strong financial and commercial acumen
      3. Strategically focused with proven ability to drive successful growth
      4. Collaborative and supportive management style
      5. Strong internal and external stakeholder management skills
      6. Established leadership skills with an ability to provide mentoring and coaching


Rick Wong – Managing Editor


Rick Wong
Rick Wong – Co-Founder, The Asian Executive

Rick Wong joins Grace as a co-founder of The Asian Executive. Formal education in science, property and business administration, he brings over 25 years of experience of managing significant Asian capital in Australia through pre-dominantly property development projects in Melbourne, Australia. He began his career as a property research analyst with CBRE and over time expanded his career to property management, asset management through to commercial development

Rick’s key responsibilities are: setting and achieving financial and circulation goals for the magazine, managing and overseeing the editorial content and direction of the magazine, developing and maintaining relationships with advertisers and sponsor, managing and leading the magazine’s staff and teams, developing and implementing marketing and distribution strategies for the magazine, tracking and analysing industry trends and competition managing and budgeting for the magazine’s expenses, identifying and pursuing new business opportunities and revenue streams, coordinating with internal departments and external vendors and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


      1. Strategic planning and decision making
      2. Financial management and budgeting
      3. Digital marketing and online advertising
      4. Project management
      5. Leadership and team management
      6. Communication and interpersonal skills
      7. Data analysis and reporting
      8. Technical skills in relevant software and technologies
      9. Risk management and problem solving
      10. Continuous learning and professional development.

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