Imperial Japan at Cross Roads

With male imperial descendants dwindling, will Japan’s leaders finally accept a female emperor? KYDPL KYODO/AP Masafumi Monden, University of Sydney Princess Aiko, the only child of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, came…


Going hypersonic – a new global arms race?

Hypersonic missiles are fuelling fears of a new superpower arms race Maxal Tamor/Shutterstock (with elements supplied by Nasa) According to media reports from Washington, the Biden administration wants to engage China in talks…


China / Australia relations – 80 years ago

The Chungking Legation: Australia’s first diplomatic mission to China, 80 years ago Frederic Eggleston presented his credentials to Chinese President Lin Sen (林森) at an official reception in Chungking on 28 October 1941.…


The Canada Experience: racism & discrimination on the rise

Asian pop culture may be trending, but so is anti-Asian racism and discrimination in Canada Within a month of its release, South Korea’s ‘Squid Game’ has become Netflix’s most-watched original, breaking the…

Australian Silicon Valley

Our Australian Silicon Valley

It may surprise outsiders that there are numerous self-styled Australian Silicon Valley clusters across the country that are helping to drive startup formation. As the digital revolution propels every faster owing to…

East v. West: Good PR in practice

East v. West : How good public relations principles can help align common interests East v. West : We now face a world that is becoming increasingly polarised along geopolitical grounds and…

Southbank by Beulah: Government green light to proceed

Southbank by Beulah: Australia’s future tallest residential tower on track for development Unanimous support from the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee last year, the Victorian State Government has  “green lit” to…

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