4 things we must do before the next pandemic

Disputes over COVID’s origins reveal an intelligence community in disarray. Here are 4 fixes we need before the next pandemic Koki Kataoka/AP Patrick F Walsh, Charles Sturt University and Ausma Bernot, Charles Sturt…


China / Australia relations – 80 years ago

The Chungking Legation: Australia’s first diplomatic mission to China, 80 years ago Frederic Eggleston presented his credentials to Chinese President Lin Sen (林森) at an official reception in Chungking on 28 October 1941.…

Migration Enquiry

Migration Pathway Nation Building

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration in Australia has extended the submission deadline for its Migration, Pathway to Nation Building inquiry. The submissions are now open until March 16th, 2023, to allow…

China's shrinking population

Rising Concerns of China’s Shrinking Population

China’s population is now inexorably shrinking, bringing forward the day the planet’s population turns down Xiujian Peng, Victoria University China’s National Bureau of Statistics has confirmed what researchers such as myself have…

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