Executive Profiles

Daniel Zhang: Alibaba – why bricks-and-mortar retail matters

In a pre-COVID Melbourne interview with Daniel Zhang, Global Head of Alibaba, Ticky Fullerton, host of Sky News Business Channel found that Alibaba’s interest in bricks-and-mortar businesses was an important facet of…

Vanessa Chang: fidelity & philanthropy

Vanessa Chang: a daughter’s life after the childhood loss of respected heart surgeon the late Dr Victor Chang It can be quite difficult to rationalise one’s life when someone so dear is…

Dr Wenjian Jiang, recipient of the Victor Chang Fellowship

Dr Wenjian Jiang from Beijing, China was the inaugural Victor Chang Foundation Surgical Fellowship (2019-2021). He was brought under the supervision of heart surgeon Dr Paul Jansz. Dr  Wenjian Jiang completed his…

Winkie Zhang: Youth & Grand Ambitions

Hansen Investment Group Australia’s (HIGA) is one of Sydney’s fastest-growing development and construction companies. Founded twenty years ago by Winkie Zhang, the company is making its mark in a traditionally male dominated…

Waco Tao

Waco Tao, CEO Powerhouse Homes

The interview by Mario Bekes (MB) for Alive 90.5FM with PowerHouse Homes Founder Waco Tao, took place in Sydney, Australia last year, for the book launch of 50 Unsung Business Heroes Volume…

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