Mrs. Celine Tang, Chip Eng Seng

In the world of corporate leadership, few figures exemplify a blend of acumen and altruism, as well as Mrs. Celine Tang, the Non-Executive Chairman and Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd.

Appointed to her role in October 2018, Mrs Celine Tang brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to giving back to the table. Beyond her role at Chip Eng Seng, she holds the position of Group Managing Director at SingHaiyi Group Ltd, a prominent SGX-listed company. Her portfolio extends further as she serves as the Non-Executive Chairman at OKH Global Ltd, a Mainboard-listed integrated property developer specializing in logistics and industrial properties.

A key figure in the success of Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd since its inception in 1995, Mrs Celine Tang’s contributions have been instrumental in growing this trading and investment company. Her involvement extends to Haiyi Holdings Pte. Ltd., founded by Tang Yigang, also known as Gordon Tang, where she serves as an Executive Director. Mr. Gordon Tang, her spouse, is a revered entrepreneur with an illustrious track record in real estate and investments and a passion for philanthropy, particularly in sports-related charity activities.

Adding to her impressive portfolio, Mrs Celine Tang assumes the role of a Non-Executive Director at American Pacific International Capital, Inc. (APIC), a diversified international investment holding company with a footprint spanning the United States and the PRC. Her diverse background includes a prior role as a Judge at Shantou Longhu District Court in China, showcasing her multifaceted career journey.

A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from Chinese People’s Police University, now known as People’s Public Security University of China, Mrs. Celine Tang has leveraged her success to contribute meaningfully to society. Her commitment to education shines through her sponsorship of student scholarships, grants, and support for activities in Singapore schools like West Spring Secondary, Juying Secondary School, and Crest Secondary School. She actively participates in the Advisory Committee at Juying Secondary School.

Mrs Celine Tang and Mr. Gordon Tang own Aloha Sea Sports Club, a centre specializing in water sports equipment rentals and a wide range of water sports courses. Remarkably, all profits generated from this venture are channelled towards the development of sailing in Singapore, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to community welfare.

As for Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd., the conglomerate’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Established in the 1960s as a building subcontractor, it became a leading contractor for Housing & Development Board (HDB) projects by 1982. Over the years, it diversified into private condominium projects and precast technology. The 1990s saw a pivotal shift towards property development and investment, with a broad portfolio spanning shophouses residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use development projects.

Chip Eng Seng ventured into the hospitality industry in 2015 and the education sector in 2018 to diversify further. The Group continued its expansion by entering the civil infrastructure business in 2019, enhancing its capabilities through strategic acquisitions.

Chip Eng Seng’s presence extends across multiple countries today, showcasing its commitment to excellence in workplace safety and health, construction quality, environmental protection, productivity, and corporate transparency. It’s a testament to their dedication to growth and innovation.

In the dynamic tapestry of leadership and philanthropy, Mrs. Celine Tang shines as a symbol of vision, success, and the transformative power of giving back to society. Her journey continues to inspire, both in the boardroom and beyond.

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