Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Unveiled: Timeless Luxury and Michelin Magic

In a world where luxury hotels come and go, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is an enduring testament to elegance and excellence. Linda Xu embarks on a journey to discover the inaugural Mandarin Oriental property, where time seems to have stood still, yet innovation and opulence reign supreme. Join us as we step back in time while exploring a modern marvel.

A Symphony of Elegance

Nestled proudly amidst the vibrant heart of Central, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong gazes majestically upon Victoria Harbour. It shares the skyline with architectural giants like Sir Norman Foster’s HSBC tower and I.M. Pei’s soaring Bank of China, forging an iconic silhouette. Opened in the 1960s, this distinguished establishment, the first in the Mandarin Oriental portfolio, remains an icon of Hong Kong’s hospitality landscape. Its rich history gracefully blends with contemporary allure, epitomized by impeccable service and an array of award-winning dining venues. The 447 lavish rooms cocoon guests in a world of gold and lacquer, adorned with marble bathrooms, some featuring standalone bathtubs with vistas of Victoria Harbour. While the temptation to remain ensconced within the hotel’s opulent embrace is undeniable, the allure of Connaught Road beckons, promising an exploration of Hong Kong’s finest offerings.

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong epitomizes refined luxury, where every moment is a symphony of elegance. Its rich history and contemporary amenities create an atmosphere of timeless sophistication. Its stunning views, sumptuous rooms, and impeccable service make it a haven for discerning travellers. Whether you indulge within its opulent confines or explore the vibrant streets beyond, the Mandarin Oriental promises an unforgettable experience transcending time.

Culinary Oasis

With a tantalizing array of nine restaurants and bars, including two Michelin-starred establishments, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong has been a culinary cornerstone since the golden dining era of the 1960s and 70s, a legacy it proudly upholds. Michelin-starred Man Wah continues to delight with its transcendent Cantonese cuisine on the 25th floor, while The Mandarin Grill celebrates a decade of Michelin recognition, offering a menu of grill classics, from house-smoked salmon to indulgent beef wellington. The Krug Room tempts with creative modern European cuisine paired with the world’s most prestigious champagne. Recently launched Aubrey adds to the epicurean adventure with its Japanese Izakaya concept, where an omakase cocktail experience harmonizes with a menu of Japanese-inspired delicacies, including charcoal chicken karaage with yuzu mayonnaise.

Dining at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is an exquisite journey for the senses. Its various restaurants, including Michelin-starred gems, ensure a culinary adventure transcending time. From the exquisite Cantonese flavours of Man Wah to the timeless classics at The Mandarin Grill, every bite is an experience to savour. The Krug Room elevates dining to an art form, and the recently launched Aubrey adds a modern twist to Japanese cuisine. Prepare for a gastronomic odyssey like no other.

Beyond Expectations

While the Mandarin Oriental’s nine dining venues, expansive wellness facilities, and wine-tasting masterclasses may tempt you to linger, Hong Kong’s treasures await your exploration. Embark on an enriching journey with options such as a hike and picnic in Victoria Peak Garden, a private tour of the Liang Yi Museum, celebrated for its design, craftsmanship, and heritage, or a thrilling Chinese martial arts class amidst the Central Harbourfront. For independent adventurers, the hotel’s strategic Connaught Road location grants effortless access to Hong Kong’s vibrant shopping, nightlife, dining scene, convenient tram rides, and the iconic Star Ferry, ferrying you to the enchanting shores of Kowloon.


The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong offers experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Discover the city’s hidden gems with personalized excursions, from scenic hikes to exclusive museum tours. Engage in wine-tasting masterclasses or embrace the art of Chinese martial arts. For the intrepid explorer, the hotel’s prime location allows easy access to Hong Kong’s bustling attractions, from shopping to iconic ferry rides, ensuring your visit is nothing short of extraordinary.

Where Luxury Meets Legacy

Indulge in the splendour of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, where timelessness meets modernity, and every moment is a masterpiece. Seize the opportunity to write your chapter on this storied hotel’s history. Secure your reservation now and let the legacy of hospitality and Michelin-starred dining enchant your senses.

Your luxury journey begins now. Reserve your stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, where a fusion of timeless elegance and Michelin-starred culinary delights await. Take advantage of this extraordinary experience that seamlessly marries tradition with innovation. Book your reservation today and become a part of this iconic hotel’s legacy.

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