Tiger Year – 2022 Ushers in Courage & Boldness


This fun guide offers the ambitious, at times sobering insight for their animal sign in the Year of the Tiger commencing 1 February.

Good luck, good fortune, and good health in the Year of the Tiger!

The Oracle

 The Overall Year

From 1 February is the commencement of the astrological Year of the Black Water-Tiger.
And after the risk-averse timidity of the previous Ox year, what a ride it will be!
Who would have accurately foreseen at the beginning of 2019 the state of our world economy over the ensuing two years that followed? 2022 is set to have its own set of challenges. One thing is for sure; the Tiger Year will be known for its highly energised state and the announcement of bold corporate and political initiatives with far-reaching consequences. Depleted business confidence, very much evident over the past two years, will be replaced by the resurgence of a global mindset of power, courage, and political will emblematic of a Tiger Year. The Tiger Year is not a year for the faint of heart! Fortunes will be won and lost in the blink of an eye. Check the chart below to check your animal sign based on your birth year. Please read the guide with your tongue firmly planted in cheek!


The Rat

A year in which you can expect to see good career changes. Where practical, try to minimise major relocations. Be especially vigilant with your finances during the fourth quarter of this calendar year, where you may need to consider tightening your budget.

The Ox

The hard-working, dutiful Ox may experience many sudden changes to their career pathway, which will induce an above-normal level of personal stress. The rewards are expected to come, but patience will be a virtue. The Ox needs to be especially careful not to provoke others or lash out without thought. An excellent year to undertake new skills training with the prospects of personal advancement on the horizon. This is not a year in which to gamble your fortunes on novel investment schemes.

The Tiger

A foundation year to map out your next decade or so. Tigers will receive welcome family support for carefully conceived career moves, which could occur as soon as the first half of the Tiger Year. Personal expenses are set to rise, impacting savings if care is not taken. Tiger business owners need to keep a tight reign over their business affairs which could be turbulent. Humbleness and diplomacy (not necessarily Tiger virtues) need to take a front seat at almost all social occasions.

The Rabbit

Male Rabbits may welcome promising career prospects ahead. Female Rabbits ought to err on the side of conservatism. Rabbits running their businesses need to take stock and be prepared for choppy financial waters ahead. Vigilant financial management will serve the Rabbit well. Watch diet and health to maintain the energy levels of the nervy Rabbit.

The Dragon

Widely fluctuating fortune and misfortune will take their places in the Dragon’s life during the Tiger Year. Attentive management of all details will lead to promising rewards. Bring clarity to your career aspirations, and destiny beckons. The Dragon must fine-tune their people skills to get the best out of the chance encounters that lie ahead.

The Snake

Snake people will feel the full force of their destiny in the Tiger Year. Expect the unexpected, and stress management should be a priority. Get cracking on that new venture and stop dithering. Female snakes should fare well in business if a solid foundation has already been laid. The male Snake may fare less well than their counterpart. Focus on delivering quality work and be sparing of feelings with workmates. Adopt a collegiate attitude with others.

The Horse

Gambolling through metaphorical hills and dales will be the Horse’s lot in life during the Tiger Year. Despite this, there will be many pleasure moments to relish. Focus firmly on goals and sound investments which should bring out positive outcomes during the second half of the Tiger Year. Do not be tempted to court new personal or business relationships that disrupt the status quo. It is more likely not to end well in a Tiger Year.

The Goat

The Goat may be blessed with new wealth and public accolades in the Tiger Year. Friends will support the Goat, and overseas business trips may be fruitful. Avoid internal politics like the plague. Goats who make an unwavering commitment towards hard work and personal integrity will be rewarded in spades.

The Monkey

A memorably delightful Tiger Year awaits the Monkey. So an attitude of proactiveness on new projects will have its rewards. Monkeys are naturally curious, emotional and mischievous but must make a conscious effort this Tiger Year to temper these mercurial qualities with a measure of prudence and minimal risk-taking.

The Rooster

Rooster will be overjoyed to know that an exciting and vibrant life awaits them in this Tiger Year. Both career-driven or entrepreneurial Roosters will find good fortune ahead. Having said that, cash flows may be somewhat strained during certain parts of the year due to the unforeseen. The whip-smart, confident Rooster should know how to handle the situation.

The Dog

The ever-loyal Dog may suffer in the hands of tough bosses or hostile work environments. Finances may be strained. Students born in the Dog Year are the most likely to benefit in the new astrological order as their studies should bring about success with the proper application of effort. If a Dog person can accept their fate and work hard to excel fostering relationships and managing other people’s expectations, the Tiger Year can turn out to be quite tolerable.

The Pig

The sociable, gregarious Pig person may find this astrological cycle somewhat frustrating with abrupt changes of fate in either direction. Great care in all business dealings to the point of checking and cross-checking facts and figures, taking nothing on face value, will likely circumvent unpleasant losses at the hand of less scrupulous people.

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